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Are you networking like crazy yet struggling to monetise your efforts? Are you looking for easier ways to raise capital for your business? Do you want your network to work for you instead of chasing opportunities?

We have the answer. Become a Networking Ninja


I help entrepreneurs and business owners like you build a network of connections that leads to raising capital, finding that right business partner and attracting your ideal clients. Through my coaching programmes, you’ll develop simple, easy to implement new habits and the confidence to stand out as a connector and the authority in your space.

You are unique! So when you interact with people it should be in a manner that makes you stand out. My mission is to empower you to connect effectively whilst being authentically you. I have simple tools to help you achieve this, and we will infuse it with your personality, passion, purpose to make you extraordinary so your network wants to do business with you. You want to accelerate your journey to freedom right?

What it will teach you

  • Monetise every relationship
  • Raise capital with little effort
  • Attract people and deals to you

And much much more!!!

Who it is for

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Small Medium Businesses
  • Executives
  • Sales people
  • Investment specialists

What you will gain

  • Consistently make and leave a lasting impression
  • Attract the right investors and clients
  • Build trusting relationships
  • Create WOW experiences, and
  • Create a demand for your product or services

Additional benefits

  • SAFE ENVIRONMENT TO PRACTICE and get feedback from the instructors and peers.
  • FREE follow up coaching session with instructor after the course.
  • Tickets to an EXCLUSIVE networking event in September to practice what was learnt at the masterclass.

All this for only £97!

It only takes one person, one opportunity to change your life.

If you're ready to change your life, then join us on Saturday, 10th September!

We only have room for 25 Ninjas so ACT FAST!

The first five spots have already been reserved.



"Sharmila went into really interesting concepts and insights about entrepreneurship and networking. You think you know things, you think you are doing them well. It's wonderful to be presented with another paradigm. Be able to look at things from a different perspective.

Sharmila gave me a lot of confidence, a lot of inspiration on how I can improve on practical little things that everyone struggles with a the beginning of their journey."

Christina Garidi,
Founder, Eudaimonia Coaching

" This (wealth series) workshop was very different. Not only were Sharmila and Shariffa extremely and genuinely welcoming and personable, but they offered a multitude of clearly well-informed and tried and tested practical tips and advice to enhance our chances of success and, unlike many such seminars, we really did come out with something concrete, rather than the usual temporary euphoria! I felt that this was a no-nonsense, practical workshop delivered by people who genuinely did want to share their skills and experience. Highly recommended and I am looking forward to future workshops."

Dr Phil Porter
School of Life and Medical Sciences
University of Hertfordshire, United Kingdom

Meet Sharmila Soosaipillai

Sharmila Soosaipillai

Entrepreneur | Speaker | Coach

" I enjoy working with entrepreneurs and those willing to embark on
their business journey to help them get results quicker than I did.

Corporate career woman turned entrepreneur who embraced speaking and coaching. Sharmila Soosaipillai is a Business and Empowerment coach and consultant. She works with motivated individuals to accelerate their journey to success and ultimately freedom. She specialises in helping people overcome mindset blocks that have prevented them from living life on their own terms, and create a plan to achieve the wealth and success they desire in both their personal lives and career. Sharmila spent almost two decades in the corporate world working for global organisations including Ernst & Young, Goldman Sachs, Banco Santander and AXA, where she gained a strong grounding in analysing deals, operations and businesses, and building teams. She transitioned to entrepreneur after building a property portfolio from zero to multi-million pounds in less than 18 months; creating strategic investment partnerships along the way. Having taken the leap from employee to entrepreneur, Sharmila has made it her mission to show other motivated individuals how to accelerate their journey to freedom!

Sharmila is an international speaker who has shared her knowledge and experience to audiences from 51 countries and as large as 1200 people. She has shared the stage with successful networkers and business strategists like JT Foxx, Hugh G. Hilton, George Ross and Mark Norcross.

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